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On My Way to Microsoft!

I’m very pleased to announce that Microsoft has acquired Winternals Software and Sysinternals. Bryce Cogswell and I founded both Winternals and Sysinternals (originally NTInternals) back in 1996 with the goal of developing advanced technologies for Windows. We’ve had an incredible amount of fun over the last ten years working on a wide range of diverse products such as Winternals Administrator’s Pak, Protection Manager, Defrag Manager, and Recovery Manager, and the dozens of Sysinternals tools, including Filemon, Regmon and Process Explorer, that millions of people use every day for systems troubleshooting and management. There’s nothing more satisfying for me than to see our ideas and their implementation have a positive impact.

That’s what makes being acquired by Microsoft especially exciting and rewarding. I’m joining Microsoft as a technical fellow in the Platform and Services Division, which is the division that includes the Core Operating Systems Division, Windows Client and Windows Live, and Windows Server and Tools. I’ll therefore be working on challenging projects that span the entire Windows product line and directly influence subsequent generations of the most important operating system on the planet. From security to virtualization to performance to a more manageable application model, there’s no end of interesting areas to explore and innovate.

So what’s going to happen to Winternals and Sysinternals? Microsoft is still evaluating the best way to leverage the many different technologies that have been developed by Winternals. Some will find their ways into existing Microsoft products or Windows itself and others will continue on as Microsoft-branded products. As for Sysinternals, the site will remain for the time being while Microsoft determines the best way to integrate it into its own community efforts, and the tools will continue to be free to download.

Personally, I remain committed to the Sysinternals and Windows IT pro communities and so I’ll continue to blog here, to write about Windows technologies, and to speak at conferences. Until I know my Microsoft email address and post it you can continue to contact me at [email protected].

I’m looking forward to making Windows an even better platform for all of us!

posted by Mark Russinovich @ 10:20 AM

Congratulations. Finally someone that knows how thinks work at microsoft.

YOu can be sure that all the sysinternals tools will now become "validate your copy before download" only.
Well that's a shame. On the other hand if we can get rid of the silly taskmanager and get procexp kind of tools built-in, that may be the saving grace.
Good luck Mark. Hopefully they'll let you do things you'd like to do as opposed to absorbing you into their bureaucracy.
I hope this doesn't mean no more Sysinternals freeware!
You drank the Kool-Aid

All I can do is scream "WHY?!" like Nancy Kerrigan.
Congrats, hopefully you will be able to shape things well while you are there. I for one mourn the loss of your independence from MS however.
Congratulations! I always figured this would inevitably happen someday.
Congratulation to you both! This is good news for Microsoft users, and your announcement seems to indicate just how happy your are as well. I hope that all the wonderful innovation that you've made available to us will make it into Microsoft products, and that they make good use of your skills. I can't imagine either of you being happy any other way.
Microsoft definitely knows how to attract talents and technology again! What an excellent addition for Microsoft - I hope that doesn't mean less innovation in tools in the future. Your tools (speaking of Sysinternals) are so much better than the Resource Kit tools because it simplifies have an excellent presentation GUI version or command line version. Hope this carries over to the Resource Kit tools and innovations.

It makes sense, I suppose, though it seems like such a shame.
I can see this becoming an an end of an era when sysinternals closes, and in a way we could see this coming.

Congratulations to you both.

Your tools are obviously better than MS's. They wouldn't acquire u otherwise. Let's hope MS always remembers and let you do what you do best.
Congratulations guys, always thought it would happen.

Check out my full reaction on my blog
Congrats!! I supposed the BSOD screen save will never see another update:( That saddens me... However, I have been using your products since the days is NTInternals when I was a lowly device driver developer. I wish you all the best!!
It seems an excellent business model: Develop some excellent tools and blog in a way that embarrasses the giant with the aim of getting taken over.
There are two freeware sites every Windows Admin should have in their toolbox. and Lookout joe. MSFT's knockin'.
Congrats. Scoble leaves and you arrive... I just read earlier on your settlement, congrats on that too!
Congrats and Welcome (I work for MSFT too)! I guess this means you'll finally be getting a Windows source license... ;)
This is so cool. I have been using
your software for years! Now that you will be inside Microsoft you should be able to make great strides with their internal designs.

Now if they just buy my Outlook Profiler utility! Take care.
Microsoft can only get better by having you there! ;-)
The last few posts obviously know nothing about you guys. Just to set the record straight - the company is known for their great toolsets - free and non-free; Sysinternals and Winternals respectively. But what truly distiguishes the company is their owner and level of expertise in Operating System inner workings. Check out their book, I don't think you will see much books that compare in terms of technical knowledge in the Windows world. Before the rest post about the tools as reason for acquisition...I will say that will probably be about 5% or less the reason. I would acquire these guys due to their knowledge and where I want to go with products like Vista and beyond! Thanks - LL
Congratulations - a very smart (albeit overdue) move on Microsoft's part.

Any chance you could package all of your tools up in a single ZIP so I don't kill your bandwidth using a web site downloader to grab them all?

I have a sneaking suspicion that many (most) of these tools aren't going to survive the Microsoft security review for publicly available downloads, so I’d like to get them while I can.

Good for you.

Not good for the community of Windows users who have been enjoying the ever so great qualities of your software tools for all these years.

In the past, Microsoft has squashed the good out of the software of all the companies it has a acquired. It shouldn't be different with Sysinternals/Winternals.

Too bad. Let's hope Nirsoft doesn't go down the same path of destruction.

In any case, congratulations for your personal success and thank you for all your contributions to the community of Windows users.

Best regards.
Congratulations Mark!
First of all, congratulations and good luck on your career change!

Following is my analysis, as the owner of an independent company that develops for Microsoft platforms.

One one hand:
This acquisition will certainly be a boon to Microsoft and users of its products in the sense that the products will get marginally better with the influence of more brilliant people. So that's definitely a win for everyone.

On the other hand:
The great thing about sysinternals was precisely its independence from Microsoft. Take a look at the paltry tools Microsoft has allowed out to dribble out to the public in the past by contrast to what SI has done. Do you really believe it's because there aren't any smart folks at MS yet?

No, it's because anything that gets released must necessarily be filtered through many onerous layers of MS business direction and approval process. With that kind of disincentive and limitation, it's no wonder that independent smart developers can move mountains while it seems Microsoft itself has trouble getting quality software released sometimes.

Once again, this is only my (biased) viewpoint, and I acknowledge that. But anyone who thinks that Microsoft is just going to give sysinternals folks free reign to produce and release whatever awesome tools they want...just doesn't understand how the system works.
Upside: better software
Downside: chance of freeware going away
Good for you; bad for us. Please try to keep the door open on sysinternals for as long as you can. At least long enough for me to download the latest versions. ;-)

We always sing your praises, Mark.

It used to be Mark Russinovich is "the MAN." Alas, now it will be Mark is "THE man."
There's absolutely nothing wrong with cashing out. You've done great work and I respect your decision. But I still wish that you'd made a different choice.
Congrats! It's a great match...

It will be a SUPER match if MS pours additional money into your already existing teams (and products).

It will kind of suck if the tools we've come to rely on from SysInternals fade away or get assimilated in such a way as to lose their original character (i.e. like LookOut).

Still congradulations and thank you for the outstanding work you and your company has done...
This is a damn sad thing.
MS acquired a lot of companies in the past, and I cannot think of a product where the MS-branded version was suprior (or at least on the same level) than the original versions.

You were one of those guys that were pro-MS but on the other hand were still able to see where MS does badly (and either make the issues public or even fill the gaps).
But mow you idependence is gone.

Will you be allowed to write about topics like "DRM rootkits" or will you follow the MS line to keep quiet (and not even detect that rootkit with AntiSpyware/Defender)?
Microsoft will be fortunate to acquire such talent. We (developers) however, will lose the objectivity and truth from your tools as MS will certainly filter both of you and your tools in short time.

I probably would have taken the money too, you both are certainly worth it.
Congratulations , love your products hopefully we see alot of them in future resource kits.
Sigh, say goodbye to:

- This independant site
- These critical utilites
- Your personal integrity

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon.

A sad announcement for everyone except a certain two persons accountants.
Mark, you are certainly the most talented hacker of MS software I've ever had the pleasure of watching work (I saw you do some amazing things at TechEd). I am sure you gave this a lot of thought prior to making the decision and I am sure you will bring good things to Microsoft. Maybe you will get MS to consider open sourcing the freeware tools. Best of Luck.
Mark -

Your tools are second to none, and Microsoft is lucky to have you. With you on their side, Windows might become an operating system I would be willing to install on my home PC.

- Omar
good job, ladies
Lets hope you can bring about change to the microsoft way of ruining great poducts it assimilates. Congrats
Congratulations guys! Now maybe my Company's Websense will allow me to download your utilities at work. :-)
Glad to hear that you're happy about this, though I echo a few of the cautious statements above mine.

I've enjoyed yours and Bryce's independence from Microsoft over the years, and agree that that is one of the reasons why your tools (both commercial and free) are a few notches above what is churned out of the MS farm(s).

Good luck with the transition!

I'm looking forward to your new contributions.

Good for you, just sucks how M$ kills great companies like this one.. just look at what they did to Nirvis when the founder Colby left for M$.. an amazing product completely abandoned.. such a shame.. at least they could release the source code so that the hardware could continue on, but nope, M$ just lets things fade away.
Good for you, just sucks how M$ kills great companies like this one.. just look at what they did to Nirvis when the founder Colby left for M$.. an amazing product completely abandoned.. such a shame.. at least they could release the source code so that the hardware could continue on, but nope, M$ just lets things fade away.
I think I died a little today. My one consolation is that this may mean they have someone who can actually write a good system utility that does what MS should have done in the fist place. Maybe this will be good. I hope so, as you guys have done great work and I’d be up a creek with out a paddle without some of your utilities.
Man, talk about giving me motivation to go get a Blue Badge again.

Thank you very much for helping me all these years. I hope you two don't get buried in excessive emails and meetings like most Microsoft employees do.
Bad, but good for you. I can't help but wonder if they will recruit your talents for such things as DRM or WGA etc..

The news is a little troublesome since very few in the independent community will be around to help us build utilities to detect such things as rootkits and give us insight into the workings of various things (WGA etc..)
Hey, congratulations! Your tools have been invaluable to me over the years. Are you going to make them un-needed now? :-)
Well, congrats to you obviously, but a very sad day for anyone on windows. If MS has any sense they'll leave you to work on sysinternals (why did you sell that too, should have kept it for yourself!). But no one really believes that, so it will be a great loss for any windows (amateur) sysadmin to see the site go. And since the site is so slow today, I think I'm not the only one making sure they still get what they can salvage while it's available :-(

Sorry to be so selfisch on such a good day for you...
good luck guys!, and dont forget to support community as before

I'd like to see your face the first time you will be able to "finally" look at the source code. You did terribly well without it for discovering what is going inside this big OS. You probably know more than many programmers in there. I hope you'll have good surprises.

Congrats for you both. I have to admit though that I have a bit of sadness seing the Sysinternals gem acquired by such a big monster. I hope it will continue to glow for most of the years to come.
Congratulations. Microsoft is an amazing company. It has a great history and its future looks brighter every day. But the best part of Microsoft is its people. Every new employee means something new for the company. And you are a demonstration of that rule.

Good luck in your work. And lets get RootKitRevealer into winmain! :)

Lorin Olsen

Hopefully this wont mean a change in quality and speed of updates when bugs our found, and that the toolset will continue to be developed further (and better).
Congrats! Make sure you push for registry defrags on startup for future OS's ;)
Well, nice knowin' ya ...
Another outstanding company assimilated into Microsoft; undoubtedly converting a progressive company that helped fill the short comings and uninsightfulness of the original software designers with the usual security hole riddled, “Requires WhatEver v3.0 before installing”, “Now v10.0! (with no real product enhancements but with bigger, rounder and softer icons)” we have all come to know and expect from Microsoft.

I can’t wait until the 2008 version of these products when I get ten different ways to format the border shading of the output.

I guest MS got some real trouble in Vista and needs some great brain.

Steer Microsoft windows to simplicity rather than complexity .

Good luck .
This is truly a sad day. The best part of your software was that it ws total free of meddling from the MS power machine. Now it it will be a part of it. I'll bet a few years from now you will feel the pain of your sellout to Billy Wonka.
This is truly a sad day. The best part of your software was that it ws total free of meddling from the MS power machine. Now it it will be a part of it. I'll bet a few years from now you will feel the pain of your sellout to Billy Wonka.
I guess everyone has a price. Another set of great tools head for the garbage heap.
Keep up the good stuff and the best of luck!
Well........ as a Danish minister once said...... If You can't join them..... Beat them.
However... by joining MS.... you might even be able to beat them on there own ground.

Hopefully we will still see tools like sysmon, regmon and all the other stuf instead of taskmanager.

Good luck to both of you

time to download all the tools before they get taken away :(
You're still going to be in San Francisco in September, right?
Never really worked for a corporation? Now it is time for you to be crushed under the bureaucracy! Enjoy!!!
I guess Mark finally gets source code access now ;)
And the positive for your users on this is what again? Good for your wallet, bad for us. sigh
Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.
Congratulations to the both of you. Its no wonder MS through money at you, I'm surprised they took so long.

For those of you afraid of the fatcats at microsoft quashing all we've come to know and love of the sysinternals utilities... have a little more faith! We've all seen how Mark deals with corporate trixiness, and he MUST know that his tools are fundamental to alot that goes on in infosec/forensics/troubleshooting/etc

They're so integrated into the information technology community... He wouldn't take them away from us... Right? :Z
Saddest news I've heard since a long time. I hope you can keep your open mind and I wish your tools continue to improve, free stuff remains free and easily accessible. (I'm not overly positive though.)

Congrats and all that, it must be a positive move for you both (and MS).

Thanks for all the past efforts and the great tools.
Best of luck Mark. Whatever you do, don't ever give up the good fight. We need you out there!
I for one think this is one of the best pieces of news ever since Microsoft acquired Anders Hejlsberg!

I am certain that Mark will add a valuable new dimension to how we (Microsoft) build and release software and am very excited to see what Mark first turns his attention to ;)

I think that this will be enourmously good news overall too. Whilst many people have discovered Winternals and Systernals, fewer have bought and/or used the tools. I sincerely hope that some of Winternals' technologies make it into Microsofts products and improve the experience of running Windows to every user.

Many congratulations Mark and welcome to the mothership! :D
I'm happy for your bank account but NOT for your excellent apps/utilityes.

I just wonder about the nightmare filled by DRM s**t the m$ monkey team are planning to introduce in your code.
The most important OS, hardly, the best is still Mac OS X. MS employees are eagerly awaiting the release of an new OS. No, not Vistas but OS X Leopard. ha ha ha
Good for the walet, bad for the community.
hiya mark you don't know me by name but maybe by scene im in the cORE
basically i read today about the way ms has decided to buy you off and im puzzled
how can you not see what they are doing? or dont you care anymore?

think about it bro without you Sony BMG's rootkits would of never been found
thus sony wouldn't of been sued and made to re-call back in all the DRM infested works.
if you wouldn't of found it more companys would of started i mean XPC and Sony was
just the start and the best thing is no-one would of knew about "RootKits"

now your in microsoft's pocket you will be made to keep quite about DRM
and about any new style rootkits that they decide to come up with.

i thought you was Anti-MS and Very Anti-DRM, Anti-Restrictions,
now your going to go sell out to the worlds worst company?

can you not see they are just buying you to keep you quiet while they invent
new rootkits to put on the vista' cd/dvd's without you around to figure and write about it
they will get away with much more DRM than ever before and you fell right in the trap!

why else would they want you right now after ... 1996 hmm 2006 ?
quite a little gap there... oh look 2006 you found Sony RootKits hmm next min MS on the phone
to shut you up and buy you off lol i thought you had more brains and common sense mate.

your work in the IT industry is totally Amazing what talent you have is great
but you lack common sense and lots of it too by the looks of it.

how can someone anti-DRM and someone who belived so much in freedoms
now turn to a company that does nothing only Restrict everything we buy or use?

its a sad day.
I am sad to see your great work, incredible focus, and relentless dedication redirected into the abyss. Mark, you and Bryce are phenomenal developers and incredible business men. You both have saved thousands of developers and admins countless hours with your toolset. (I will spend the rest of the day downloading the latest bits). Knowing MS, your work will be dumped to an internal share called \\toolbox\fromfirst\tocursed\src and bastardized by developers with a fraction of your Windows knowledge. Hopefully the tools that survive the mill will be updated more than once per year. What do we do now? Your legacy lives on, tucked away on thousands of hard drives, CDs, and USB keys around the world, until they become irrelavent. Best wishes to you both. This is incredible news for you. Please don't forget about us. P.S. Please ask the PM that inherits your toolset to add this blog as his homepage, so that he can stay in touch with his customers. MS seems to have abandoned that practice.
I thought we had something special.

Why you gotta go leavin' me?
Mark, congrats on your new career move. I am sure you will make such a great positive impact inside MS. Please dont forget us, the end users that swear by your system tools. WE LOVE THEM...

good luck.
So, is it OK to steal the Administrator's Pack now?
Lol, Congratulations. I hope you're well rewarded for all that you've done to make life better for us admins.
Congrats. Maybe now we'll ship a decent task manager.
Congrats! Now I want to work for m$ just to work beside you guys!! I am sure you guys are going to integreate all of your wonderful software right into windows. Looking forward to seeing what you guys produce!
This is very bad news.
"MS acquired a lot of companies in the past, and I cannot think of a product where the MS-branded version was suprior (or at least on the same level) than the original versions."

Ummm... just recent examples: Giant? Lookout? Both Windows Defender and Windows/MSN Desktop Search beat the pants off original products, not that they were bad but those are better.

Bigger examples? How about Exchange Server? It started a long time ago in a galaxy far away with an acquisition...

I am excited about this move, congratulations to you guys!
One of the great things about SysInternals was its support for operating systems other than XP. I guess that is about to die in a HUGE way.

Sad really, and I suspect that it will do the harm MS was planning on.
I have been using your software since 2002 and I have to admit they are the best tools to help debug nasty and sometimes unpredictable windows behavior. Good luck at Microsoft! I hope you guys continue to develop free useful software.
With Vista coming around the corner I've been planning to abandon future MS platforms. This announcement brings me one step closer. An appropriate time to say "goodbye". Thank you dearly for some tools to keep supporting platforms up to xp/2003. Hasta la "Vista" from the poor folks who cannot afford the dream machines needed to run Vista.

"They that can give up liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety" Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790
I'm happy for your personal success, but I'm also one of those pessimists who's afraid this will be bad for us users.

Microsoft has had a tendency to FUBAR the products they buy (just like almost every other big company), and I'd hate to see this happen to the winternals software.

I'm also afraid they're going to kill off sysinternals (or at best we just won't have any updates) - and I'm also afraid your blog will be less interesting in the future.

And there's a snowball's chance in hell that you guys will be able to actually CHANGE anything in Microsoft for the better.

So... I wish the best for you, but I'm sad that you sold out :(

I bet you get pissed and leave in 36 months or less. Don't become a piece of the MicrosUck rope.
I am sure that Microsoft has chosen wisely. I loved the books.
I still love the tools. I am sure that both of you will continue to be a beacon for us lowly Enterprise Administrators.
Just a request.... Keep writing. I have learned a great deal from your straightforward approach.
Great Job!
You guys earned this.
Good for Mark, Bad for everyone else :(

Does anyone actually think SysInternals will continue to develope tools as they have been?
Maybe you can find a way to make security settings problems easier to identify. I currently use filemon to find out what's being accessed. It would really be nice if there were an obvious, friendly way to find out why a user is denied access to something and, more importantly, what the something is.
Or what about his straight foward approach to telling it like it is.

I picture some MS suit tell him, "Well Mark we would really like it if you didn't pubish that Sony article, becuase we are in negotiations with Sony on a new project". Now that he's a corporate man, we wont have advocate of the past.
Just for my own information, i was wondering if the settlement between Bestbuy and Winternals was in any way forced by Microsoft during buy out dicussions. Just a curious mind....

contact info: AIM: Rootio

thank you for the advance warning. The post you wrote may be celebratory to you, but to us users it is really more like when the observer on Titanic screamed "Iceberg!": the last notice to download your software while we still can.

The acquisition is sad news for us users. You were providing a wonderful, wonderful service that a big company probably won't have the wisdom to continue.

The acquisition is good news for you though. Congratulations. I hope your dreams of what you want to achieve at Microsoft come true. :)
I'm a Microsoft employee and when we heard the news today the entire office was quite excited. Congratulations and welcome Mark and Bryce, we're proud to have you join the team and we're excited about the influence you both will have on our products and services.

Eric Wood
[email protected]
Wow, yet another perfectly good tool ruined. The first version they release under the MS name will probably get hacked just as easily as Best Buy hacked ERD commander. Now you just need to go after Computer Geeks for all the hacked versions of your software that they have.
So now, who is going to tell the emperor he has no clothes?

Thanks for the [virtual] memories guys.

Pity its got in your contract that any software you produce is owned by microsoft unless they dont want it.. gotta suck..
I have to say this honestly scares me.

The sysinternal toolset is the only thing that makes supporting Windows systems a bearable experience. Allowing a glimpse into the internals of windows that no microsoft tools provide. Anything that threatens their availibility threatens the value of Microsoft products in a server environment.

I hope Microsoft really understands this and will continue to make them available for free and supported on both consumer and server windows versions. Windows servers and Microsoft software services here at my worksite are an extremely rare thing...
Congratulations. I hope it's all you could wish for and more.

I think you might be working at a better level of abstraction than we sometimes see. Coupled with thoroughness, that's a killer combination.

A good thing MS can do is adopt and extend the SysInternals and Winternals tools in their entirety. (And bundle them with the OS's.) I fear some elements might get suppressed by corporate muffle-brains, lets hope not!!

Like how do these bits potentially play with Monad (Powershell).
I think it's quite obvious that win/sys internals is basically done. Their focus at MS isn't to continue to market and enhance these tools. MS bought them for their skills, not their software. Sales & Marketing will decide what to do with them.

Change is never an easy decision. Congrats and I hope you don't have regrets.

Excellent! The future of Windows is suddenly brighter! MS should also buy GRC (
I hope you take with you the presentation on why opening notepad requires a crazy number of registry and file accesses! Clean up some of that unnecessary overhead.

And don't let this turn into one of those "Justin Frankel and Nullsoft get acquired by AOL" type things. Without your tools, our jobs become infinitely harder.. Don't let that change.

Hope that you will hold the line and the vision witch we are used to associate Sysinternals over the years.

good job Mark.


Hope that you will hold the line and the vision witch we are used to associate Sysinternals over the years.

good job Mark.

Congratulations! Hopefully your video series will still be released on schedule! Here's hoping that choosing the blue pill instead of the red works out!
Well I guess my move to Linux a year ago was just in time; now I just have to figure out how to keep all the Windows boxes at work running...sad to see one of, if not the, best Windows utilities producer bow to the infamous MS.

Congratulations guys !

Like many of the other comments though, I am very afraid that Microsoft is going to screw up real big with your tools and your talent. I think you're going to have a lot of trouble getting new tools out, and improving existing tools. Maybe you won't do any more tools development (maybe that's not at all what you were acquired for, after all).

Let's hope you're "able" (and I don't mean to question your capabilities by saying that!) to at least have the influence to guide Microsoft internals software development in the same spirit that you developped your free and commercial tools over the last decade. Seems to me like a big challenge with the bureaucracy inevitably present at a large coorporation like Microsoft.

Good luck.
Microsoft "Innovates" again....
In all seriousness, this is long overdue. I think it is an excellent move on Microsoft's part, and I believe you'll be an asset to us all by making the OS that much better.
Good luck for you guys!
Congratulations. I guess you are super rich now? :)
Er... Um...

I'm speechless.

I didn't see this coming, really.

You guys have always had a tell-it-like-it-is attitude that I admired.

You have always stood up for what you believed in even if it throws dirt in the eye of a giant company.

I hope that Microsoft doesn't stifle that willingness to stick your neck out and speak the truth.

Good luck, guys.
That's so sad. From now on Microsoft will control what you can and can't say, what kind of software you can and can't release.

Everything that might embarrase Microsoft even in the slightest way will be off-limits. That means the quality of your tools will go down :-(

I hope that at least the money is great.
Your integrity seems compromised. Will your software phone home in the future? Spy on me behind my back? Talk to the NSA? Try to tell me what to do with my computer since uncle Bill thinks he knows what is good for me? I deeply distrust M$ in many respects. If it wasn't for two software packages that are mandatory for my business, windoze would be long gone for me. Give me Photoshop for Linux and goodbye, Mr. Gates.....

Yes, I accept the fact that you certainly make a lot of money in this move, and that this is a deserved prize for what you did. But the ethical side remains, and that sems not so nice.
Another thing...

I take issue to those who say that Microsoft doesn't give anything away.

They don't give away Office, or the OS, sure; but they give away a heck of a lot of other things.

Of course, if I go down that path, you can say they give stuff away to kill competitors who have to sell their product, but let's not go there.

In the utility space that sysinternals inhabits, they have the support tools that come on every OS CD (especially the server CDs).

They also have active and updated scripting resources so you can write your own stuff or just modify the VBScripts you can download from MS.

Other companies have worse reputations (in my experience) for buying a company and then burying its products.

What happened to Sygate Personal Firewall when Symantec bought Sygate?

What happened to l0phtcrack when Symantec bought l0pht?
Well done folks, I guess you have made enough to retire, or have got the prestige that you want.

But Microsoft only has ulterior motives. Like many, I suspect that Redmond has only bought you up to shut you up.

Is the Sysinternals complete site available in a .zip file, or must I download it now the hard way, before Microsoft prevents me (a lowly Win98 user despite what my browser might claim)?
One of the smartest moves Microsoft have made in quite some time. Congratulations and good luck for the future!
Didn't somone once say...

"Everything that has a beginning, has an end.."

I congratulate you on your future endeavors @ MS. At the same time, I await the final eulogy for your great apps and site.
Good luck!

I've recommend your software since the night I found ya, and I had to wake you up in the middle of the night to give you my credit card number so I download your software (pre-automation purchase) and recover a high visiblity system.

So now I'm off to download copies of all your freeware software.
Congrats. I'm downloading everything I can off your site


Just kidding, good luck.
What a pity. Im pretty sure you have made greater impact on the windows community than you will be able to do from the inside ...
Nevertheless, thanks for all the great little tools, all the research and sourcecode you guys provided over the years and good luck for your future.
Congrats on selling the biz! For the past seven or eight years, I've appreciated the tools you share, the advice and knowledge you freely dispense, and the straghtforward integrity of the valuable information you guys provide.

Too bad the layers of politics at a big business like M$oft won't allow you to improve jack in the long run. Best wishes to you guys.
Sellout! ;)
Seriously, it's a crying shame. I like your software.
including all the comments of approval.
You have abandoned us to a word of rootkits and DRM bs.
I see Microsoft 'innovates' again.

Congratulations but I can’t help to feel that overall, this is a bad thing. Everyone! Quick! Download the last stable versions of Winternal tools!
Sad to hear that - good for you, Mark, but we'll miss your great software.
But on the other side - I just imagined Yahoo bought you instead - and ProcExp with installer which installs you Yahoo toolbar, smilies addon, etc. in yahoo style - what an irony would it be then :)
I trust you guys have adequately considered the ramifications, and have ensured that you continue to work in a way that satisfies yourselves. And hopefully that way is the way you guys have worked in the past.

I'll save the luck for the people that need it.

(And I'd also very much appreciate a nice one-stop download for all your tools.)
So how much did they pay you? :)
Oh well.
Congrats guys, I guees this is a good move up in your careers. Some of your tools are irreplaceable parts of my toolset. My personal favorite is Process Explorer which is open almost all the time on my machines: it (presumably) does not lie (as opposite to the task manager) what is really running on the box, and allows me to kill processes that can not be stoped by the Task manager.

As many people here already said, I too expect that these tools will either disappear from the public net, get stale (no further development), and/or get borged - good bye the power of Process Explorer :-(

You did a lot (of free work) for the general community, and it is due to get recognition and (I hope) financially better future. Best of luck and thanks for all the (free) fish! ;-)
Tend to agree with Jim Allchin: "The addition of their ... expertise to our ... talent will ... raise the quality and functionality bar for Windows..."

Have fun guys !
hi mark/bryce,

Congrats!! I've been using your software for nearly 10 years now. benefitted quite a bit.

Initially, it was FileMon and RegMon -- now I mostly use the procexp, pskill, pslist, autoRuns.

I hope Linux/Solaris will in the near future get something equivalent to Process Explorer.

You guys deserve this very much.

Good for you, I hoped you banked a lot!
Please don't do this. The Windows world needs objectivity.
Just compared the EULA from Process Explorer 10.2 with that of 10.11... the change is already evident. I hope it doesn't get any worse than that, but my hope isn't very strong.

Here's a comparison:
Hi, Mark, hi, Bryce.
I wish I could simply say, "Congratulation" to you. But actually I'm in doubt for the same reasons expressed in quite a few comments already.
Microsoft was very clever to hire you and your expertise. You often proved you know their products better than they do. ("Windows Internals" is just one example.)
Yet, they are many, and you are just two! So I am afraid the beaurocratic overhead that dominates any large company including Microsoft will soon try (and manage?) to bring you in line.
As Sysinternals/Winternals you were free to do what you wanted, as Microsoft employees you will have to stay in the line.
Maybe Winternals products will continue to exist, labelled MS, but will they still be yours?
Sysinternals utilities will certainly cease to exist, no profit to be expected.
The innovative speed and flexibility of a small company like Winternals will be slowed down by the "elephant's" size.
So from a Windows user's point of view, I am sorry to say, this is not good news: Two notorious Windows experts will not change Microsoft, but Microsoft will definitely change Winternals/Sysinternals, and not for the better, I am afraid.

Nonetheless, good luck for your future with Microsoft. Prove my pessimistic point of view is wrong. Help make Windows a better OS.

Hello Mark,

I am one of the front end engineers with Microsoft. I am glad you are on board. Welcome to Microsoft.

Hope that you will give our users a bigger, better experience..

Patrick Infimate
Helo mark,

i am one of those front end engineers with microsoft.

Its great to have you on board. Welcome to Microsoft.

Pat Infimate
This sounds like both a fantastic opportunity and a depressing departure. The independence that you guys had was, in a lot of ways, one of the biggest reasons a lot of people had to trust you. "Losing you," to Microsoft especially, is gonna change a lot of things. For your sake but for ours especially, I hope that Microsoft doesn't get in the way of saying what you think.

With that said, good luck! I think we all will look forward to seeing more of your expertise in Windows and whatever else they let you work on.

I meet you at the EnergizeIT event in Toronto.
Congratulations and Good Luck to you and your team. Don't forget about the users who have supported Winternals & Sysinternals (before NTinternals) software.
And most importantly, have fun!
I was shocked
Dear Mark,

How could you?

No more love,
Congrats, don’t let M$ Chang you or your ideas though. Also don’t let them sinser your work, it is the best on earth.
All the best, pal.
Just don't sell out on us all.
Remember the little people.
Say goodbye to the MVP status, Mark! ;) I suppose "Technical Fellow" has a bit more meaning. =8->

Congratulations, Mark and Bryce!
Congratulations and best wishes. to both of you. I hope the sale was financially rewarding as well as your future outlook. You have done the PC community a great service, and hopefully working at Microsoft you can continue the services to the PC community.
Heh, Best Buy will rue the day it messed with Winternals ... more so now than ever.

Certainly look forward to hearing from you on this site more! You have been gone a while.

Why are manhole covers round?
Congratulations! I hope this works well for you. I know you put quite a bit of thought into it. I am sorry to see you lose your independance, but maybe Microsoft will be better with you there. Again congratulations and good luck with your new venture.

In the light of all the comments on how horrible it will be to lose your editorial and programming independence, might I congratulate you on doing what you obviously wanted to do.

Might I also suggest that, in order to keep this editorial and programming independence, you negotiate with your new bosses to release your current freeware and commercial software, at the current release, under the Microsoft Community License? Then allow Microsoft to close all the later stuff for all they like.

Because, you do have a valid reason for using the MsCL - you have built up quite a community around you, people who depend on your skills and insights.
Mark, I found your info on root kits of great assistance when invaded by the sony monster and on many occasions used the Process Explorer to weed out issues.

I for one appreciate your efforts and wish both of you great success with Microsoft. Nice to see someones massive efforts and enthusiam convert into something good. Hopefully the move will be beneficial all round even if we do lose some great diagnostic software.

Kind Regards

Congrats to the both of you. Sad day for the rest of us :(
Congratulations Mark!
And congratulations Microsoft for getting such a great mind that can speak publically.

Now I just hope that your tools won't become end of lifed and stuck behind that WGA Download centre while killing off all the tool updates you do.

I hope MS don't put a gagging order on you. I used to enjoy your blog posts when you disassemble microsoft tools and see where they were behaving badly on systems.
This is not just BAD, it is AWFUL and TERRIBLE. The first job of a huge entity is to crush independent thought and -- God forbid - dissent.
Can you zip the full content of the website for mass download please ?

Thank you.
Imagine my surprise when I came across this headline on rootsecure. Good lord. I dont know whether to cry for sysinternal's inevitable demise or be happy Microsoft could gain some credibility when it comes to security.
Sit back and wait for the combined DoS of first SysInternal fans panic downloading your fine tools and eventually, being slashdotted.
as you get swallowed by a huge multinational, try, oh do try to




Hopefully , with both your skills, you can even contribute to making an ~ok~ Operating sysytem even better!?
Congratulations! I hope you will have endless challenges for us and Microsoft.
Maybe we will see some Microsoft internals soon, comparable to the Sony disclosure? Well, I doubt.

I can't wait to see your tools castrated in the Windows Geniune "Advantage" hell. When money takes over, maintaining ideals gets impossible.

I am disappointed.

I don't blame you. Heck, if I were in your shoes I'd probably think of my family's future and do the same thing.

You've helped so many of us with your tools that nobody has a right to criticize your decision.

Nonetheless, I think it is mildly insulting to pretend that this isn't the beginning of the end of SysInternals.

Again, congrats!, I wish you the best!, and thanks^100 :)
while I congratulate you on your success and recognition for your excellent products, I am concerned about the loss of yet one more independent utility pro. A company the size of MS needs the prodding from outside sources to innovate in new, non-corp ways. who will now fill thsat role?
Props to you and Bryce, very well deserved for all of your hard work and dedication. Unfortunately, Winternals and Sysinternals will now go the way of every other Microsoft acquisition. Your exposure of the rootkit problem and frank critism of Microsoft (when deserved) will no longer be permitted. And all the exceptional tools you have made available for free (and purchase), will either disappear or become part of some bloated management suite requiring hundreds of megs of disk space and a current SA subscription.

Best of luck to you both.
SysInternals was great because of its support for legacy OSes that non-one ever uses like W2K and Win98. Ok wait, did I say no-one, I meant practically EVERYONE.

MS's party line is that no OS before XP exists any longer, combine that with their purchase of SysInternals and you get the need to run WGA before downloading Process Explorer for XP only, maybe Vista (if it is ever released).

The industry as a whole has been damaged by this purchase. Yes, the 2 owners did what was right for them, but I suspect they've already sold the integritity that they've spent over a decade building up.

I don't expect MS to do the right thing here, and I find that sad.
Any idea on how this will change the usage requirements for the 'freeware' utilities?
Congrats, Mark...

Tho I fear for your apps just as I saw Microsoft ruin Hotmail and give Giant Antispyware the runaround to please the ad people.

I also hate the way the licensing has changed. This means I can no longer use the free tools at work, useful as they are. Buh?

I wish you the best for not getting caught up in their dumb bureaucracy. >.>

Thank you very much for all your contributions to the community of Windows users and success at Microsoft


I am the definitive Norman Newguy out of school 2 years now (age 48). But I cannot imagine where I would be if I had not stumbled over your blogs back in school. You guys taught me so much more then the professors ever had a clue.

I want to step up for the students and hobby programmers, who do/learn for the fun of it, they will miss your writings, and occasional outburst. Some of your tools were over our heads at first, but we became to understand them even if our instructors did not. And at that point in my personal journey, learning is the treasure.

Best of luck and I sincerely hope you will not be disillusioned by what the future may hold.


Congratulations Mark,

I discovered Sysinternals by accident 3 years ago. I've been a fan ever since.

I know it makes perfect sense financially and financially. I won't argue with that.

I just wish you had made a different choice.
What's good for Mark and Winternals is not necessarily good for Winternals' customers.

Winternals has prided itself on it's ability to execute and produce unique products. Can we expect this to continue as part of the Microsoft engine? I don't think so.

Jim Allchin said in the press release that Microsoft primarily aquired Winternals to get Mark. Again, great confidence booster for Mark and great honesty from Jim, but this doesn't appear to have Winternals' customers best interests in mind.
Congratulations! Mark!
Google should have snared you first!

On a downside, it's all about the web NOT the OS, so in the long run the OS will dwindle into a shell just to support the web applications. Mark will be retired by then to his 2 million $ home. ;) imho

Try ubuntu. ;)
Congrats, if ever there was a vote of confidence in your skills and tools, this is it!
resistence is futile.
Congratz! Now that everyone for some bizzarre reason is switching to Windows for server platforms, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the platform stable and secure... Make it right!
Contratulations. I am glad for you and for Microsoft! I hope to see a "Suspend" option in Task Manager soon :)
Good for you, bad for us!
See here
Good for you!
Bad for us!
See here.
I am happy for you but only hope your Sysinternals programs remain as free downloads on the Sysinternals site. MS definitely has a win-win situation going on here. I hope they preserve the high quality of your programs and continue to make them available to users free of charge. Asking for too much? Probably. But best of luck to you, Mark, and may you prosper. You are a genius, indeed!
Well, congratulations. But I must admit that I'm a little afraid not for the sysinternals tools, nor the winternals tools, but for your freedom, your independence. It was your greatest asset. I only hope that if MS pulls some ridiculous stunt (and don't get me wrong, I don't want that to happen) that you won't be afraid to step forward and blow the whistle. Something tells me you won't be worried about finding another job... ;)
As I'm sure other people have commented, your (now past) ability to point out stupid programming and dumb design coming out of Redmond has been the best thing overall for the community.
Good luck, and I sincerely hope you continue developing freeware tools for the windows admins like me.
U have to be in the system to change the system huh? Just don't let the system change u.
Congratulations, Mark!

This is great news, I'm looking forward to hearing about what you end up working on :D
Independance is a wonderful thing. Too bad we have to endure M$ monopolizing on other's hard-won success.
Independance is a wonderful thing. Too bad we have to endure M$ monopolizing on other's hard-won success.
Ein neuer Beweis, dass MS nichts selber entwickelt sondern einfach nur alles einkauft. Seeehr innovativ. Kaufen und/oder kopieren. MS sind die Borg..., so wird man Milliardaer.
This is great, as long as software with the same or better functions is still released, or integrated into Windows.
I dont want to see any of the products or ideas go to waste, they are all incredibly useful.
Hi Mark,

Thank you for giving us regmon, filemon, process explorer, autoruns and many more.

We will miss your quality work. It is a semi-sad day for us.

Hope your new career at MS is as bright as your mind.

Best Regards,
Ivan M
Congratulations! But please if at all possible keep Sysinternals alive with its wonderful tools and info. I really hope Microsoft doesn't absorb it.
Time to buy OSR stock ;)
I am Bil of Borg. Resistance is futile.
Your life, as it has been, is over.
From this time forward, you will service us.

You've been assimilated.
One the one hand: congratulations guys

but...on the other hand, too bad:
- The great tools will require analysis, documents, lengthy release procedures,... before a next release. :-/
So you won't be able to release when you want & others at Microsoft (Marketing...etc) will get a say in what will and won't go into the release, which will delay releases.
- No more independance, only dependance :-/
- Mark, will the books stay? I love the internals book... :-/ I was already anxious for the new one with the Vista changes ;-)
- This site will die for for sure, the first thing we'll see is that updates to the site will become less frequent, then the 'excuse' will be: I have a lot of work blah blah blah and can't do any updates. The tools will disappear eventually in a windows version maybe, but when will that be and in what state will they be in... And eventually the site will point to some link on Microsoft and there will be an anouncement that the site has been integrated; only downside is that it will never be the same and it won't be updated as much as now.

So for me, it's with mixed feelings:
You guys will have a lot of cash from the sale, a very good earning (good for you ;-)).
But the site won't have its unbiased view and be fully owned/dependant from Microsoft...

So now, I'm going to download all the latest versions of the tools before they become unavailable ;-)

PS: Mark, it would be nice if you could share more of your view on this topic. As you can see alot of people have the same feeling over this as I have.

Good luck,
Great news for Microsoft. I hope that your knowledge and experience will be appreciated there.
Since you are the person who knows Windows kernel better than anyone, please share that insight with developers at MS, and help them create a better and more stable, secure OS.
Good to see two two good sides join hands. Mark, Please ensure that your best tools find themselves integrated in Vienna, if not in Vista.
Sad. So sad.
Congratulations - the Windows operating systems need improvements in that way you did - and hopefully you will do in the future - all the best.

Now you will not be able to recommend Firefox ;-)
Congratulation to both of you Mark. Congratulation for the technical fellow award.
You deserve this! Because the way you thing and create software, skills that would welcome at Microsoft
Thats it. I'm going linux all the way now.
The sysinternals server cannot be reached any more, which means that a real lot of people don't trust your move and try to get the applications as long as they are freely available.

So much for the trust of the public to such a decision.

We are microsoft - resistent is futile - from now and for ever you will service us ....

No - it's not a shame to get a nice job offer and I hope that you will manage to inject the high quality of your tools into the windows core ... without stripping off all the things that a "normal" user might not understand ;)

Please make sure that we will continue to get the raw power of the tools without too much "filtering" out the things that "only a small fraction of users can understand" or "is not part of the features 80% of the customers need" ;o)
The good thing is that I'm sure you'll be richly rewarded, and be able to get your hands REALLY dirty in Vista.

My fear is that Vista will be modified to make current versions of your brialliant utilities non-functional. Just a tiny tweak here or there and we'll forever have to download the latest version, just like the car manufacturers that shave 1/4 inch off their window winder handle shafts so they only fit on a particular year of car.
What a pitty - an independent voice about Microsoft products vanished from the planet.
Hi Mark, I'm very pleased to read the good news!!! Finally two ultimate _technical_ gurus at Microsoft ;-)

I wish you all the best, Viktor from Germany.
So Microsoft decided that if they cannot patch the system's flaws they'd better make the tools that find them dissapear.

What can I say ... someone will eventually create the same tools with the same functionality.

Congratulations folks!
I wish you all the best @ Micro$oft! I really hope the development of future versions of your tools will not be stopped completely as they are unmissable tools. Go earn some money for your hard work since years and when you have enough come back here and resume your great work for the IT community.
Congratulations guys - perhaps you can replace the [email protected] recovery console with Admin Pak ;-)
Congratulations, but so, no more RegMon/FileMon, Process Explorer and others...?
what's your MS$ salaray ;-)
:(((( why microsoft, why? :((((
Congratulations, Congratulations, Congratulations. Its not that readers don't know any other compliments, its that "Congratulations" is such an hypocritical praise. It is said with the mouth half closed when the truth is not appropriate and the Future is uncertain.
Well we are all crying out here. And not the kind of cry when we where born, when we took our first breath, and are all anticipating the life we will have. But the kind of weep we have when our father dies, and all thats left behind is his legacy and our, now painful , memory. So you weep and slowly you realize that Life will (have to) go on with out the help and guide of the one person in the world that only wants our well been, even over his own. The one that catches us when we fall. the one that saves us when Sony turns Big-Brother. Fer well our fathers, have a good time in moneys heaven. It will happen to us but not yet.

Father, you went to the sky, flying among the clouds, riding on a Dragon, traveling the endless road which is You and me and my child
This is very sad. When I went to your site, I felt I was going to find some independant good tech related to Windows. The good thing that MS could not develop because of their lack of responsiveness and their huge size.
Now independance is gone, and your handy tools will be integrated into the big MS machinery.
As for you two, I am not sure you will enjoy being only one small part of a huge company.
Anyway, wish you two best of luck, caus you deserve it (but they don't deserve you).
I don't believe it... another quality site shut down. Another product suite destroyed. Is there no limit to how low M$ will sink to prevent people from having access to quality software?

Well, I still have the copy of PS-Tools I downloaded a few months ago. But those tools will now never be updated. This is indeed a sad day for all those unfortunate enough to have to work with M$ Windows...
This is not good news for Windows users and developers. Nothing good will come from this, not for us anyway.
Thanks for all the great job done until now !
Unfortunately it seems to be the end...
Good luck anyway !
Sigh.... bye sysinternals. Your cool utilities will be missed. I'll remember them fondly next time windows refuses to load for no good reason.
Gratz! I hope you keep your sceptism and critical stance towards your boss :)

Btw, when will the sysinternal tools become available only after WGA approval?
Congratulations to you both. Hopefully we'll see your signatures and capabilities in all Microsoft Products from now on. Well Done Guys
Congratulations & thank you for everything you've done over the past ten years.

Your efforts have been greatly appreciated.

All the best for the future.
hope you will realize when your are about to be twisted. be strong and effective.
Congratulations. Well deserved. Been using your tools for years now, I hope these are soon included in MS Systems. Good to know MS knows how to spot real talent ;)
Mark, you need to release source codes of Sysinternals tools ;)
Congratulations to the both of you. your tools have been invaluable.

I guess they decided it was better to have you on the inside p*ss*** out ..... :)
Congratulations guys, very deserving!

So, what name will the merged company have? How about MicroSofternals?
Sony and other big corporate rootkit makers must be very happy now.
I just hope that you keep your dedication to quality. If *ANYONE* at M$ tries to ruin any of your products, kick them in the nuts! Even if it's Mr. Bill.
So long, and thanks for all the fish.
Congrats Mark!

The most important part of this acquisition was not so much that they got the software that was written before, but that they got Mark and others.

They will help influence what gets into Microsoft's OS and software, and more.

To those who keep bringing up the "Microsoft squashes whatever it acquires" thing... Lots of good software goes kaput even without Microsoft acquiring them... but of course, there is no Microsoft to blame when those go by the wayside.

As for the whole Sony rootkit fiasco and Microsoft Antispyware not catching it... neither did the countless other big name antispyware software not owned by Microsoft.

Good luck Mark, and congrats again.
Too bad all free tools are now "commercial use only".
ouch! I was always considering as the white knights, that help me survive the sheriff of redmond forrest. But nevertheless good luck.
I think this is a great move for you guys and you really deserve it.

This move looks like part of a strategic initiative by Microsoft to gain a foot-hold into the utility arenas traditionally held by Microsoft. I am unsure how good I feel this move will be for consumers in the long run but some of the features Symantec has been providing definitely need to be at the O.S. level. I expect some legal battles over this.

That aside, I would like to see your kernal expertise help in a lot of other areas at Microsoft. I know that you have complained bitterly about .NET performance issues and here is your chance to influence Microsoft to improve the memory footprint, etc. of this platform. I think you could be a good internal watchdog for MS in areas like this. The way they are pushing technology is not good for the performance programmer and you have a chance to bring balance to the force and some perspective. Microsoft has a big emphasis on test (1 SDT/1 SDE) and I feel that your tools and training on them could help Microsoft better manage quality control inside the organization.

Please let everyone know when your blog moves or is mirrored on so we can find it.
Congratulations und good luck.
Oooh, You did it. A bit sad but - a whole page of history is over, but Congrads!
I'm sure this not the end of the excellent story. Good luck, and remember - we are dying to see the results!
Well everyone deserves the right to profit over their hard work. Welcome to the environment where good ideas last only as long as your manager's attention span. I can assure you that Microsoft will either cut off this great site or incorporate it into it's own site where you can't find anything. Sure hope you like Kool-Aid.
Not sure if I should be happy or disappointed about the news!?

Your tools are by no doubt the best I can think of. Hopefully you're still able to continue with what you did in the past ten years, i.e. writing top quality software for Windows.

Good luck!
Why would you betray people who trusted and depended on you like this?

... $$$$$$$ ...

But ofcourse ;)
Congratulations. I wish you well, but I also have no illusions about the ability of a man of integrity to stand against an iron-clad non-disclosure agreement. I know you'll fight the good fight.
Congrats Mark, and welcome to the PSS fold!

You will be a fantastic addition to our team.
Congratulations Mark I think you and Bryce deserve a position at Microsoft with all the hard work and great tools you guys have written. However what's going to happen to sysinternals, the help forum and your free tools??

and finally process explorer will substitute definitively task manager...
good luck
This will all end in tears.
Every man has his price I guess. :-/
My org lives and dies on your programs. I am very sorry to see you go. I hope it turns out well for you, but I suspect you will end up disappointed. Your site was successful because MS doesn't listen to people. In the end the cucumber ends up more brined, than the brine ends up cucumbered.
you guys are truly genius
I'm sorry, but I can only view this as a bad thing for the community. Maybe it's good for Microsoft and maybe it's good for the SysInternals team, but very rarely does everybody win from developments such as this.

Well good luck to you guys anyway. You've done an awful lot for the community and you sure don't owe anyone anything.
Congratulations. I wish you well in your new venture…

As with most things, there is good in bad in this:

• On the good side, Mark’s knowledge of Windows Internals from the “practical” perspective of those of us who have to live with it will be a definite advantage to Redmond going forward. You literally wrote the book on this stuff!

• On the down side, I fear that your critical and independent voice on Windows issues and anomalies will no doubt be stilled by the “Mighty MS Marketing Megatron,” and your nifty tools will likely be killed (or corrupted).

That’s a shame; Sysinternals has been a “goto” site for me for years, and I’ve learned a lot there… You’ll be missed. (But hopefully I’ll have you on video)
Congratulations, have fun getting rained on while we get roasted down here. Austin will miss you. :)

My first request: resurrect the NTRK for XP. XP is *such* a pain to manage!
I've really appreciated the use of your tools over the past few years. Thanks. Nice to see that you'll be earning proper money. Keep up the good work - Hey .... why not design us a ground-breaking-brand-spanking new O/S from scratch whilst you're there !!! :)
Congrats! I hope that you can help us to work with Windows as easily from inside MS as you did outside!
Congratulations on the move to MS, I just hope they'll listen a little more than they talk, seeing as how well these utilities have worked for years.


P.S.: /me pulls out WinHTTrack
WOW. Mark and Bryce cross over to the dark-side.

Must have made you an offer you couldn't refuse. :(

What did they do? Kidnap your dog?
Your team has added value to many people and your tools essential. As Microsoft looses employees due to lack of integrity, it is good to see they will gain some people with such.

Good luck and thank you.
Did you get an option to take the Red pill? or was it Blue only?

Thanks for all the work you guys have done so far... to make our lives easier.

Good luck either way.

Did you get an option to take the Red pill? or were you offered Blue only?
Well well..
don't be yet another Peter Norton, man.
Nice to see some positive comments on this move as opposed to the posts on other forums.
I've used Sysinternals apps for years now and have nothing but praise for them.
As Mark and Bryce seem to have had access to MS source code for a good length of time this move can only be good news for MS users who need to monitor the workings of MS systems.
All I can say is all the best for the future but please remember your roots.
F these negative people. You would never have taken this position unless you knew you'd be able to do some good. As a fellow at MS, I hope you'll be able to retain your power and imbue good sense and generosity in your division.

Best of luck to you Mark.
Congrats guys! I know this was a hard decision to make I'm sure, but now that it's made just remember, your too smart to have to hold your tounge.

I can only see this as a benefit to Microsoft, they should be GLAD to have aquired you all.

However, don't forget to always speak your mind no matter how much it hurts. Hopefully you made enough money in the deal to not be afraid of being unemployed.

Keep up the good work and once again congrats...

I knew Vista Beta's Task Manager looked a little too familiar...
Congratulations--the acquisition by MS is a recognition of you marvelous work. However, the takeover is another blow to the IT community, which loses yet another free, expert voice. I guess this is another sign that we should all switch to Linux...
Glad you made it.

Source code page is already gone!!
Damn! I need to copy the source code before MS put his buggy hands on!
I'd just like to be kept in the loop on the interesting work you all will be doing in the future and what gets incorporated into the OS.

Write a book in a few years!
I hope the EU will investigate you and M$. This is utterly YUCK!
Can one of the many people that are killing sysinternals bandwidth please zip up all the utilities and post them up on another site? I'd be willing to post them up on my site to help relieve the download bottleneck if I could get a copy of the zip. [email protected]
This is awful, leave and join a new site please sysinternals crew, you think microsoft's corperate machine and lawyers would ahve allowed publication of rootkitrevealer for instance? I think not.
As for the positive comments, you people really think they will use the sysinternals talent to actually improve windows? if you do check your home for gasleaks for you are being giddy.
My thoughts:

Good news for Microsoft.

Good news for Winternals and Sysinternals.

Good news for Windows users currently unaware of Sysinternals.

Might be bad news for current Sysinternals software users.

I hope Microsoft will do the smart thing and leave the current tools like Autoruns, Process Explorer, and Rootkit Revealer in their powerful state instead of changing them around. I'm optimistic. I think it will probably work out.

MS would be smart to include Process Explorer and Autoruns in any future windows versions. They really make configuring a system a lot easier.

~Aaron~ (blogger wouldn't let me log in)
Could not have happened to a better group of guys. Congratulations to you all and keep up the great work! From the team at
Congrats Mark! Hope Microsoft sees the light on this and let you integrate all your tools and ideas into the OS. It's about time we see all that potential integrated into the OS itself.

Kudos dude!
Congratulation to you both.
Now we might get a decent MOS for Windows!
Shame you guys sold your selves out. Hope it was worth it. As for us out here in NT land, another loss for independent intelligence. Good luck with the Borg.
Shame you guys sold your selves out. Hope it was worth it. As for us out here in NT land, another loss for independent intelligence. Good luck with the Borg.
Shame you guys sold your selves out. Hope it was worth it. As for us out here in NT land, another loss for independent intelligence. Good luck with the Borg.
You guys rock. Thanks for providing the IT community with such great software weapons! Good luck with your futures at Microsoft, I will be looking forward to using upcoming versions of Windows just because I know that your fantastic minds are behind it!

And as for everyone who is complaining about these freeware tools turning into "Windows Genuine Advantadge Required" downloads, why don't you buy a real copy of Windows and quit being such a whiny, cheapskate, leeching, free-riding computer (l)user? I did, and so did everyone else who respects great minds at work like the ones behind Sysinternals/Winternals.

Way to sock it to Best Buy! Yes!
You guys rock. Thanks for providing the IT community with such great software weapons! Good luck with your futures at Microsoft, I will be looking forward to using upcoming versions of Windows just because I know that your fantastic minds are behind it!

And as for everyone who is complaining about these freeware tools turning into "Windows Genuine Advantadge Required" downloads, why don't you buy a real copy of Windows and quit being such a whiny, cheapskate, leeching, free-riding computer (l)user? I did, and so did everyone else who respects great minds at work like the ones behind Sysinternals/Winternals.

Way to sock it to Best Buy! Yes!
Find enclosed a prescription for two (2) testicules.

An Onymous
Funny that people say goodbye to these tools, but i've used some kick-A^& tools in the resource kits that are free to download. Robocopy is a great example.

I wish you the best at m$ maybe you can influence and better some of the boneheaded things to come out of redmond and good for you!! Keep doing RPI proud ;).
I would like to thank you and Bryce for all of the hard work and excellent products you have created over the years. I know that your products have pulled my butt out of the fire more than once.

Good luck to you both.

To all of the anonymous posters out there...If you think you are smarter than these guys, think again. If you think bashing the people that offered free software that has helped people everywhere and probably pulled your ass out of a jam is fun, at least have the balls to put your names up and be accountable for your comments.
Antinomy may be loosly described as a contradiction; two opposing conditions - my favorite example is "watching your mother-in-law drive over a cliff in your brand new car". (except I love my in-laws, so that doesn't apply in my case!)

Your moving to Microsoft is certainly another antinomy - I hope you both make out big time, financially and with fun projects.
On the other hand, I feel like saying prayers for the dead for You've put out phenomenal tools and information, and I fear that's all ended...

Best of luck to you both! (and I'll bet my Microsoft stock went up!)

- Al Weiner -
very much saddened after this news. Good luck with your new career.

Congratulations Guys,

I think we will be getting the best of both worlds. The entire MS community will benefit from the addition of two very talented individuals, and the tools we all love, I believe, will be thoughtfully incorporated into MS products to better them all users. Thanks for your work so far, and I look forward to your contributions from your new roles at Microsoft.

Your tools are inspiring. Others will continue to carry the flag of great free tools. Enjoy the vole.

p.s. why has NT Locksmith gone 404?
Your tools are inspiring. Others will continue to carry the flag of great free tools. Enjoy the vole.

p.s. why has NT Locksmith gone 404?

Single torrent containing all the individiual zip files as downloaded today.

Note EULA's have gone from 1 page to.. 10!
Congratulations, you seem happy to be going to Redmond.
However, Im sure I am not the only one with some concern we will now be paying for the fantastic tools you have provided gratis in the past. Can you shed any light on what we can expect? What about ongoing development of these tools? Will you be involved? Will we be subjected to intrusive Genuine Advantage process to get these tools? I'm sure there are many more people with many more questions out there.

Talk to us...

"Those who you can't destroy,buy them..."

Sometimes,I really cannot find there's a big difference between big companies and...Mafia! ;-)

It's really a VERY SAD thing,
to find out that Microsoft STILL has today thae power and way,
so that some of the very best minds existing today,
won't transfer their knowledge and experience to Open Source projects/systems...
slowly but in a stable rhythm,
welcome all to the .NET world of Trusted Computing...

Anyway,good luck-you've been more than great until today,
people/admins owe you a LOT...
I surely wish that Microsoft will give you the opportunity of working in interesting projects.

And a final comment,this one goes up to the MS chairmen:
You would not make Windows attractive any more,
even if you could hire Torvalds or even more Stallman himself:
your past is well known,
your choice of future has been made,
and ours too...":
slowly but in a stable rhythm...
You guys saved my rump more than once and for free. You didn't have to, but you did. Thanks, and have a great rest of your life doing the same honorable work.
Congratulations, you just killed your programs. :(
Please....! Put us out of our misery and ask Microsoft to make the tools freeware permanently.
It's no skin off their nose, and would mean a awful lot to us techies.
I need a permanent site that I can point people to when helping them online.
Well, it's happening already. I'm now into day 3 of waiting on a trial key for Defrag Manager. Been told everyone's too busy post-MS-acquisition to be dealing with these things.

I fear something truely revolutionary and inspriring has just been swallowed by the corporate suits.

I hope your spirit survives the transition, I would hate to see Microsoft convert the two of you and your body of work into more Micromuck. Best wishes in your endeavors and thanks for everything you have contributed to Windows users in the past.
Congrats! That's great for you. May we, the coders you have inspired, hope it won't be a great loss for us?
Thanks for what you've done in those last 10 years.
I'm glad you got this new challenge, but please, listen to all your 'fans'... Don't let Microsoft change your freeware programs to be paid programs. We were all your 'fans' because the tools you develop really help us in a free way, but when Microsoft acquires a company, it usually sell all of its programs. Words from a Brazilian fan.
Mega congratulations! Your hard work and earned respect have paid off. That's what its all about in a capatilist society, right?

Microsoft will be a better company with you on board.
Congratulations, you are really great at what you do. However, i was waiting your take on the Genuine Advantage. I guess it won't happen. Finally, we all know MS so just for fun I bet that in less than a week this site will be removed/censored. That is, the tools will not be available anymore at least in the way they are now.
I join the others in congratulations.

However, be aware, that I believe many of us will expect even MORE from you than before! (Is that even possible?).

Don't just go to Microsoft, Change Them!
I join the others in congratulations.

However, be aware, that I believe many of us will expect even MORE from you than before! (Is that even possible?).

Don't just go to Microsoft, Change Them!
Quit the hating haters. These guys are headed for a grander stage. They can either blaze new trails or not sacrifice their integrity and take the money and run and begin anew. There is always a new path to take. Opportunity does not knock very often.
Congrats! But frankly said I felt disappointed more or less. You are my example even from my college. Be a good hacker instead of joining MS can also benefit others. Now, winternal belongs microsoft. I really hope compuware will not be like this. That's my only dream today.
I think this is great - Mark, you've got the perfect personality to effect change from within. And as you will find, Microsoft is a great - if challenging - place to work.

I'm another one who has made much use of your tools over the years - FileMon and regMon especially - and look forward to integration of many of these types of tools into the platform directly.

Best of luck and immense congrats to you!
I hope this bodes well for your suit against BestBuy. You now have the legal muscle to mount a serious challenge.

Congratulations guys!!!!

I am very sad to see you go.
...while this may represent a positive move for you guys, I'm sorry that you will be joining the long and sad list of formerly-independent-but-really-good product makers in favor of becoming merely more faceless software bureaucrats.

No product MS has ever acquired has ever maintained its previous levels of quality, so I guess this "Marks" (sorry) the end of an era...
Congratulations to Mark and all employees at Winternals.

Well deserved for Mark and I hope you all made tons of money on the deal.

And congratulations to Microsoft! You made a terrific decision to bring in Mark and his team.
Good for the both of you, but bad for us who love to use the free and very good tools you both have made.

Msoft will put them for sure behind
their (killing) license program.
and now they shut down your great software because it shows too many secrets?

Why didn't just a paypal donation button?
I am looking forward to this accquisition with mixed feelings. On one side it is good that MS gets such skilled people as part of the OS development team because sometimes its seems that especially in the kernel part could be a lot of improvement. On the other hand I fear that the SysInternal Tools as they exist today are going to die away in the future. One of the success factors of SysInternals was that the site used to be very compact and you had all the tools at your fingertips. If they are distributed to multiple locations on MS site (by topic ot whatever) it will be hard to locate them and they loose their power.

For those of you looking for alternatives to SysInternals have a look at:

I came across this site by accident and was very surprised about all (~50-70) those nice tools for free (all single executables).

Some of them are very good some of them are way better than SysInternals.

I am looking forward to this accquisition with mixed feelings. On one side it is good that MS gets such skilled people as part of the OS development team because sometimes its seems that especially in the kernel part could be a lot of improvement. On the other hand I fear that the SysInternal Tools as they exist today are going to die away in the future. One of the success factors of SysInternals was that the site used to be very compact and you had all the tools at your fingertips. If they are distributed to multiple locations on MS site (by topic ot whatever) it will be hard to locate them and they loose their power.

For those of you looking for alternatives to SysInternals have a look at:

I came across this site by accident and was very surprised about all (~50-70) those nice tools for free (all single executables).

Some of them are very good some of them are way better than SysInternals.

Oh well, now microsoft will charge for sysinternals software and will be redirected to
If you're going to work at MS, I'll certainly look at the OS with more respect.
Hehe, cool, you guys have always been on the top, now you're even more! :)

and, btw send us a copy of ntkernel source code also, when you’ll had a chance to see it :D
Anyone who thinks the toolset will be improved by this acquisition should have a look at Giant Anti-Spyware, which was acquired by Microsoft, and transformed into the almost completely useless and super-dumbed-down Microsoft Defender.
I'm a french user who discovered your tools 6 months ago and became an addict very fast. Being an IT manager in a computer company you made me save a lot of time. So I thank you and wish you good luck !

I don't know if your new adventure is an achievement or a dream which is ending but you get recognition from the King / Queen of computers which is not bad at all !

Keep the faith and bring MS to your land not the opposite !

I will still watching you.

A french bloke.
Your choice.
Your niche.
Your life.
You're rich. :-)
Good luck ! I think this is some kind of "prize or award" for constant job... and would like to thank you for your utilities. They are on my PC for about 3 years... but now I'm afraid: Who take care of us now?

Felicitaciones! (Congratulations!)

Pablo 'G'
Too bad - I've used SysInternals' great freeware programs for years.

I wonder if they're gonna create something called "SysInternals Genuine Advantage" now? ;)

Imagine this:

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the info, tools and support, and Blog commentary you have provided over the years.

It's a shame some people feel the need to jump on their anti-anything-redmond soap box. They clearly don't get you.

I sincerely hope your positive influence rubs off on Microsoft, and I know that their products will be the better for it.

I sincerely hope that they do not attempt to gag you, and that you would have the courage to make public the sorts of issues your Blogs have been about.

I would hate to see companies get away with the sorts of things you would pull up just because there is no-one else who is respected by the media enough to make it public.

I can understand why you would sell your company to Microsoft, particularly after being offered free. However, it's sad to think what will become of your applications under Microsoft. I use Process Explorer regularly (because of the Microsoft OS). Now may they'll kill the app and deny there's anything wrong with their OS. I can hardly wait for Vista and the MS ipod. Yeah, right. I have appreciated your apps and wish you well. By the way, great name.

Congratulation and Good Luck.
It is not really surprising.
You guys are inspiration for many developers. Please continue sharing your thoughts.
Congrats Mark,

I had been using ur tools form a long time.Those are simply greate.

What's gng to happen to ur recovery manager?, will it be still available?
well i am guessing that the "source" section will be shut down some time soon !!
Shame to see the old m$ mechanism working again:

"If you cant beat them, Buy Them!"

You guys did some very good work over the years and i want to express my appreciation for that though. It hurts to see when people sell their souls...

Sincerely, A realist...
Congratulations. Although we have corresponded in the past, I have never had the pleasure of knowing you. I am confident that you made your choice thoughtfully and now trust your integrity.

I wish you all the best and thank you for your great tools and in particular for what I have learned through you. Good luck guys!
O,My Gold!For Rich or other..., I don't know!
Uncle Bill ate another piece...
I'm getting closer & closer to the penguin

Think free, think slack
The usual way things go in IT business:

"If you can't beat them, Buy them"

Good luck with yoru future endeavors.
Lastima hombre, sysinternals era una buena alternativa, lo siento mucho por ustedes......
congrats to you both, feel a loss will be made to the independant voice though
I'm so sad... as usual Microsoft has bought brains it cannot beat nor compete with.
Sysinternals was a point of reference for me, I'm afraid it will wanish soon and all the good apps it provides will be wiped away and inside Windows Crap.

I'm mirroring this website now, since it would be no more I fear.

Good luck Mark, and just not pass away your brain behind a desk in Microsoft!
was the Sysinternals company profitable ?
Would you tell us how much did they give you for it ?
I suppose this was all so you can wear a dark blue shirt at Tech-Ed next year.


I'm NOT saying this because I think it was a wrong decision or a sell-out, if you feel it was the thing to do now, then it was the right thing to do and I'm praying for the best for you. I would want the same.

However for us it's just about over. You ever seen a grown man cry? Well I am.

This company will NEVER be the same (as good), that's a fact. Microsoft will reap huge benefits from the acquisition of it and you, they have the best now, but we will all loose. Admittedly we may gain internally by improved microsoft software, but externally we WILL loose (or pay for) great tools and utilities.

At first, things here will be like normal, but slowly things will begin to diminish and suffer until its all gone, gone to become internal tools for microsoft development or just gone completely. That's really reality. That's historical.

If you don't believe me, keep your eyes on the rate of program upgrades,updates (and disappearances). Watch what becomes it all.

What a shame. I'm deeply sorry to hear that you've been assimilated by the Borg of Redmond. I better download the latest tools now, because once M$ gets hold of them, they'll be ruined, just every other piece of software that they've acquired.
Congratulations! Good luck with your work at Microsoft and thanks for all the great tools!
Congratulations to you. You really deserve the best. Congratulations Microsoft, you have won another talent member. Hope to see your professional touches, Mark, inside Windows OS.

Good luck.
So now you would discuss every blog post with proper PR managerm since you owould have to think about Microsoft name 1st.

Hmm, guess poor Sony was too early, guess from now on You would never be allowed to make foe wit hany big company like Sony is.

Pity for us. Congratulations to You and Bruce.

joke; however i better download the tools now before i gotta go through the mess at microsoft just to get them :/

I am a paid up windows user; but i have stopped aquiring other tools from microsoft than visual studio. Validation my ...
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