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Sysinternals tools play an important role for Microsoft support services, as evidenced by the growing collection of Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) articles that reference them. I'm proud to display on this page a catalog of these KB articles. If you come across one that's not listed, please let me know.

  1. 243349: 0x8000FFFF "Catastrophic failure" Message with SQL Server ODBC Driver
  2. 830903: A file in a network folder opens as read-only or returnsan error message that the file type cannot be recognized
  3. 296205: ACC: Error Message: ActiveX Component Can't Create Object
  4. 319841 : ACC2000: Error Message: ActiveX Component Can't Create Object
  5. 319844: ACC2002: Error Message: ActiveX Component Can't Create Object
  6. 830761: Best practices for deploying Visual Basic 6.0 applications
  7. 269251: BUG: Automating Windows Installer May Hang When Enumerating Products
  8. 269251: BUG: Changed Locale Settings in Extended Stored Procedure May Cause Incorrect Results
  9. 245068: Err Msg: Access is Denied. You Don't Have Permissions or the File is in Use
  10. 837932: Event ID 2108 and Event ID 1084 occur during inbound replication of Active Directory in Windows 2000 Server and in Windows Server 2003
  11. 273918: Fatal Exception Error Message Occurs During Setup
  12. 819612: FIX: Slow Performance When the Browser Capabilities Evaluator Is Removed from the Cache
  13. 319034: FIX: Thread Handle Leak in PrintReport Method of Data Report
  14. 886423: FIX: Windows Media Player 9 Series for Windows frequently accesses the registry and may affect performance
  15. 308935: FP2000: Files of Type List for Database Drivers Is Empty
  16. 822300: FRS Encounters "ERROR_SHARING_VIOLATION" Errors When It Tries to Replicate Data That Is Still in Use
  17. GDI+ 1.0 Security Update Overview
  18. 323639: HOW TO: Create Custom Administrative Templates in Windows 2000
  19. 232830: HOWTO: Determine File Handle Ownership
  20. 296647: HOWTO: Determine the Version of MSXML Used by Internet Explorer
  21. 242131: How to: Display a List of Processes That Have Files Open
  22. 232060: HOWTO: MDAC Setup Troubleshooting Guide
  23. 840001: How to restore deleted user accounts and their group memberships in Active Directory
  24. 286198: HOWTO: Track "Permission Denied" Errors on DLL Files
  25. 197323: HOWTO: Troubleshoot "ADODB.Connection" Error 800abb9 from Recordset DTC
  26. 309051: HOW TO: Troubleshoot ASP in IIS 5.0
  27. 308940: HOWTO: Troubleshoot Error 1928 "Error Registering COM+ Application"
  28. 814774: HOW TO: Troubleshoot Site Deployment Issues in Microsoft Content Management Server 2002
  29. 183060: INFO: Troubleshooting Guide for 80004005 and Other Error Messages
  30. 198038: INFO: Useful Tools for Package and Deployment Issues
  31. 319440: Logon Delays Over Slow Links if Oplock Is Not Granted for the Policy File
  32. 328691: MIRC Trojan-Related Attack Detection and Repair
  33. 160660: Ntregmon.exe causes STOP 0x0000001E with New Service Pack
  34. 327657: OL2002: How to Create Trusted Outlook COM Add-ins
  35. 216368: PRB: Access Violation During Application Setup When File in Use
  36. 260513: PRB: An Error Occurs When You Install Visual Studio Products
  37. 274038: PRB: ASP Error 8002801d "Library Not Registered"
  38. 166112: PRB: Conflict with EOF When Using #import with ADO
  39. 301357: PRB: DLLs Not Unloaded After Calling CoFreeUnusedLibraries
  40. 306269: PRB: Error 80004005 "The Microsoft Jet Database Engine Cannot Open the File '(Unknown)'
  41. 269383: PRB: 'Error Accessing the System Registry' Message When Displaying VB/VBA References
  42. 306386: PRB: FileMon Shows That DAO360.dll Fails to Load MSJet49.dll, MSJet48.dll, and Other MSJetxx.dll Files
  43. 243583: PRB: Mib.bin Causes Visual Studio Setup to Fail
  44. 296108: PRB: Various Issues in Visual Studio Programs on Windows NT-Based Systems
  45. 816683: Process Explorer from SysInternals Does Not Start
  46. 810596: PSVR2002: "There Is No Information to Display in This View" Error Message When You Try to Access a Project View
  47. 835818: Registry Editing
  48. 247957: SAMPLE: Using DUPS.exe to Resolve DLL Compatibility Problems
  49. 302651: SMS: Software Inventory Agent Generates an Invalid Page Fault Error Message
  50. 310586: The Exchange MSSearch instance does not come online on a cluster and event IDs 3055 and 10006 are logged
  51. 555069: Top 10 Potential Problematic Security Settings for Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition and Microsoft Windows Server 2003.
  52. 196453: Troubleshooting NTVDM and WOW Startup Errors
  53. 816944: "Unexpected Error 0x8ffe2740 Occurred" Error Message When You Try to Start a Web Site
  54. 327612: User Profile Unload Failure When You Start, Quit, or Log Off NetMeeting
  55. 296136: XADM: Error Message: Error 123: The Filename, Directory Name, or Volume Label Syntax Is Incorrect
  56. 296136: XADM: Event ID 3036 and 3026 Messages Occur When You Populate Mailbox Store
  57. 202258: XADM: The System Cannot Find the Path Specified - ID No: 0cx002003
  58. 313735: XCON: The MTA Process Is Leaking Memory with a High Handle Count
  59. 830075: Winmgmt.exe uses more CPU resources than you expect
  60. 867651: You cannot add a TLS certificate to a computer that is running Office Live Communications Server 2003
  61. 319844: You receive a "ActiveX component can't create object" error message when using Access
  62. 810596: You receive a "There is no information to display in this view" error message when you try to access a Project view in Microsoft Project Server 2003 or in Microsoft Project Server 2002
  63. 276525: Your Computer May Stop Responding When You Monitor Open Handles

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